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Für alle, die MeerWissen wollen.

To catch attention - Conceptualize and Write


Despite all prophets of doom, people do still read! Not only for entertainment but also to satisfy their own curiosity or to learn something. Luckily, we remain face to face with texts everywhere we go: books, newspaper and magazine articles, web content, exhibition texts, catalogues, etc.

I write such texts about oceans, islands, climate and climate change, based on sound scientific information. Hopefully not only to further your knowledge but also for your entertainment.


You need an article for print or online media about a science topic? You need an understandable “translation” of scientific texts? You hand me the topic, the material or your idea, and I hand you the text, customized for your target audience. Also ghost writing.


You want to write your texts yourself, i.e. for your intranet or company newsletter, but you need some help to start? Together with you I will create the concept for your publication and texts. The rest will be left to you and your fantasy.

Exhibition texts

You are planning or curating a science or nature exhibition and need texts for your catalogue or the exhibition itself? We can create them together or you give me the material and I will write everything you need.

Personal travel guide

You plan an extraordinary trip and need customized material? You will have the advantage of prepared knowledge and thus the possibility to really see, but not the disadvantage of time consuming research to prepare everything yourself. No matter if you plan a scuba diving or snorkeling trip, a cruise or a trip to the coast – I will do the time intensive preparations for you. You get your personal tour guide, with all the information you need.

Please contact me for further Information! 


"Water is the ink that writes the poetry of life." Alexandra Cousteau, Filmmaker