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Für alle, die MeerWissen wollen.

To explore experiences - Traveling and local Projects


Many people assume that I have a talent for languages, because I do speak several of them. But I have not. I am just curious. I want to understand what people around me are saying, what they are talking and dreaming about, how they are living and what they are telling each other. I want to get to know the world and its inhabitants, human, animal and plant. Thus, I am travelling. As often as possible, as long as possible. To any destination possible. But my main love are trips to the ocean, no matter if it is the Atlantic, the Pacific or the Indian Ocean. I’m not that picky.


My travel plans for this year are actually very modest - not least because of the current pandemic. In summer I might spent some more time in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for research on climate change along the Alpine Rhine and its main triburatries Hinterrhein and Vorderrhein.


Travel experiences are the foundation of my writing and talking. But I do not only take knowledge and impressions, I also leave some. Whenever possible and desired, I work with local people on topics of ocean, climate and environmental conservation, on sustainable, self-sufficient and self-determined living. As well as on general education.

Here, I am not going to mention all the countries I ever visited, but just some projects and locations of the past few years that hold a special place in my heart:

At Kiritimati and Tarawa islands (Kiribati) I worked with young adults on topics around climate change and local environmental protection.

Additionally, I was able to show staff of the national agricultural section of Kiritimati how to turn garden waste into precious compost and to get a number of vegetable and fruit seeds going.

At Galapagos (Ecuador) I could surprise dive guides and national park guides with the unique role of El Niño and La Niña in the exceptionally fast evolution and species formation of the islands, as well as inform them about new research on other relevant topics.

"I find the lure of the unknown irresistible." Sylvia Earle, Ocean Explorer