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Für alle, die MeerWissen wollen.

To deepen your Knowledge – Talks and Seminars


You are organizing an event and need a keynote or specialist presenter  to show you the world of oceans, to tell you how El Niño and La Niña speed up the evolution on the Galapagos islands, or to accompany you to the sinking islands of Kiribati? You are working in eco- or nature-tourism and want to deepen the understanding and information quality for your staff and guests? You are hearing about ocean acidification, coral death, algae blooms, climate change and other such things and want to know more or understand the connections? You are the director of a school or educational institute and want to further your staff’s knowledge on marine sciences and climate change? You are planning a trip to the ocean and want to know about the ecosystems you are about to encounter and where the dangers are – for you as well as the ecosystem?

I will answer your questions in person or online in talks, seminars and customized education events in English or German language.


I give all kinds of talks, from entertaining keynote addresses to specialist presentations for an audience of any size, composition or age.


My webinars will enhance your understanding of oceans and climate. They give you the option to get your questions answered. The webinars are not mass events but take place in small groups. Thus, they allow for interactive work. You can ask your questions as well as tell about your experiences around oceans, their inhabitants and their threats.

  • Didactical design and presentation
  • Room for questions

Classroom Seminar

Maybe you prefer a seminar at your place? Classical seminars will take one or two days, i.e. a weekend, over which we will work intensively on the topic.

  • Professionally prepared 1-2-day seminars
  • Room for questions and experiences
  • Handouts if wanted

Further Education Program

You want or need to further the education of your staff in eco- or nature-tourism? I will evaluate your needs, design your program and deliver it directly at your place.

  • Talks for everyone
  • Workshops in small groups
  • Individual coaching on the job

Please contact me for further information! Your ideas are not reflected in the above? Get in touch and let's discuss!



"Science is part of the reality of living; it is the WHAT, the HOW, and the WHY of everything in our experience." Rachel Carson, Marine Biologist (1907-1964)