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Für alle, die MeerWissen wollen.
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Why are the wings of the Galapagos cormorant tiny?

What do sea cucumbers protect themselves from with anal teeth?

Which effects does the El Niño have on the inhabitants of Kiribati?

I am interested in the answers to such question. Thus, I’m writing and talking about them. My focus is on oceans and climate(change). Oceans are my passion and without considering the climate and how it changes, we will never be able to understand the oceans and their inhabitants. I'm all about cross-linked knowledge. When we look at details only - no matter how deeply - we will not get a correct view of the world. To the contrary, only when we look at those details and their connections to each other and everything else, we might start to understand Gaia - the living planet Earth.

I will do everything to bring the oceans and their life into your life. You need any kind of text on oceans? I write customized web entries, articles and books. You want to gain knowledge or prepare a trip? I design and deliver talks and seminars. You need a speaker for your next event? I will tell stories about oceans, climate(change) and countries far away or close.